Mobile App: Instant Sharing, Faster Decisions

At Xinoy Consulting Services, the Salesforce1 mobile app has been specially built to offer the advantage of collaboration and CRM into mobile phone devices so that you can easily manage all your business activities even while you are traveling. It can be easily downloaded on Android and iOS platform while offering you a unified experience for employees, customers and partners of your business. While having years of expertise as a Salesforce consulting company, our consultants at Xinoy helping our clients to effectively implement customized Salesforce1 mobile app for their business and grab maximum advantage from it.


Mobile App: Create Never-Ending Possibilities

With this amazing app, you can obtain relevant information easily and for the entire day, you can view all your business functioning for performing at faster decisions using real-time data from Dashboards and Custom Reports. In case, if you want to share any files or data with your team, then the collaboration feature present in it will help you to connect with it instantly. There is another great feature, known as task which will also help you to sort, create and review your ‘To-Do’ list, which will give you a greater control over customizing the Salesforce1 mobile app with the help of certain Custom Actions.

Collaboration & Lead Tracking

Cooperate on initiatives with customers and employees with Salesforce1 mobile app. The group feature and the collaboration app present in the app will allows you to share all your files and documents from anywhere. Beside this, it will also help you in accessing the feeds and files. Even with the lead tracking app, you can easily manage leads where you can generate leads, view the existing lead and convert those leads instantly long with campaign performance that can be monitored effectively.


Other Interesting Feature To Enjoy:

Custom Branding:

Custom branding functionality makes your app easily recognizable to users. This can be easily done by adding brand colour for buttons, headers, search bar and loading pages. With the Salesforce1 mobile app, you can easily connect with the mobile-ready partner apps that satisfies all your business requirements. Even the logo could be directly brought to the app loading page. You will get the benefit to select from a huge list of mobile-ready AppExchange apps.

Microsoft Office App Integration:

With the help of this app, you can easily open your office documents and edited with Salesforce1 mobile app. Even the presentations and spreadsheets too can be edited using this feature from Salesforce1 mobile app. You have the freedom to create office files right from Salesforce1 mobile app itself and posted directly to Salesforce1 mobile app from Microsoft Office App.

Custom Actions:

Prioritize all your activities with Custom Actions. This feature will allow you to prioritize all the activities that you often undertake. The most relevant and important custom actions can be placed on the top for easy reference. It also helps you to automate key processes. With this feature, you can either select from the library comprised of the most popular actions or build your own custom actions.  We help you design custom apps exclusively for different roles.