iWay Service Manager is a powerful Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), enabling organizations to manage and compose services  whether invoked as web services or any other protocols. It brings B2B message processes and event-driven integration. In contrast to other ESBs, it also interoperates with industry standards and as well as proprietary technologies. By helping organizations to reuse the existing application and the infrastructure investments for creating a reusable and powerful web services, iWay Service Manager lays the foundation for web-oriented architecture, real-time integration amd event-driven architecture (EDA).

iWay Software enables real-time, online and batch integration of information related to internal business processes, information assets and the business partners all from a single platform and thus the iWay Service Manager allows the creation of high-performance applications with low latency, while creating it as a prime component with high-performance networks and business processing solutions. In short, the iWay Service Manager:
·         Applies high security as needed to business networks and messages.

·         Eliminates most custom integration code and

·         Reduces the skill sets needed for design, deployment, and maintenance of services

At Xinoy Consulting Services, one can enjoy the benefits of iWay Services for increasing staff productivity and while reducing the expenses by automation key process and workflows across the business.

Reasons To Go With iWay Service Manager:

     ·    Streamlines business activities by managing reusable services and handling real-time events.

     ·    Accelerates integration project timelines and reduces maintenance costs by using a common GUI for codeless interface implementation.

     ·    Enables IT to become more process centric and adopt a reuse culture.

     ·    Reduces TCO: project cost and ongoing maintenance cost.

     ·    Replicates business’ event-driven nature within graphical workflows, independent of underlying technology.

     ·    Increases agility through code minimization and better skill-set management.

     ·    Supports BPA by enabling the rapid composition of fully automated processes and workflows.

     ·    Reduces time to market.

     ·    Simplifies skill sets needed for design, deployment, and maintenance.

iWay Service Manager is an open-transport Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) which offers a single platform for real-time integration. It extends to the design and deployment of services towards the business-to-business (B2B),  business processautomation (BPA) and enterprise information management (EIM). iWay Service Manager also serves as the foundation for comprehensive business process

automation (BPA) initiatives. It helps in facilitating the legacy database, transformation of any existing application, or transaction into fully reusable services that aid in efficient and rapid process composition.

With iWay Service Manager, companies will increase staff productivity, enhance vital operations, and also reduce expenses by automating key processes and workflows across the business. This mitigates project and maintenance risk, reduces project cost, speeds project implementations and as well as the ongoing cost and risk of maintenance. Ultimately, organizations benefit through new revenue generation and faster delivery of cost savings along with easier business process changes for having better management visibility into IT projects.