Different applications within companies and between different companies need to communicate with each other. The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is working as a tool for giving support to the application integration. But do you know what is an ESB? When it is a better time to implement an integration suite? which product will be best suited for the next project? Well, this article is going to explain that why the selection of the right product is essential for project success.

Connect Multiple Systems With No Disruption:

An enterprise service bus (ESB) lets you link multiple IT systems, data along with applications. This will eliminate the need for writing custom programs in order to integrate with individual services. At the same time, if anything get changes in one system, then the other one will not get affected. For example, if you want to rewrite or a change the ownership, it only needs an adjustment to the ESB. While the other connected systems will remain unaffected.

An ESB can be used for a wide range of integration projects and helps you:

     ·      Develop and deploy new applications and services.

     ·      Reuse existing IT investments and

     ·      Add new environments to meet future business needs.


IBM Integration Bus

IBM Integration Bus offers universal connectivity and transformation in complex IT environments. It is mainly designed for the business of any sizes in the industry that can be installed just in few minutes. With IBM Integration Bus as your ESB, you can:

>> Integrate: Integrate your IT environment more securely and in a faster way by just transforming and converting different protocols and data formats. Seamlessly access systems of record, improve interoperability and facilitate predictive analytics.

>> Reuse: Several patterns present in it will allow you to reuse components and solution elements. With the help of shared libraries one can make the reuse of integration assets even more easier and faster.

>> Scale: Handle small to large projects along with a flexible message delivery options. With IBM Integration Bus by Xinoy Consulting Services, create an IT environment that can evolve as your business needs change.

Just like those of framework, an ESB used to integrate applications. It is a based on a framework implicitly. Although it is much more powerful in comparision to those of a framework, an ESB offers strong tool support for administration, deployment and monitoring at runtime, besides offering just the basic functionalities for application integration. In addition to the above, graphical editors are used for the implementation of various integration scenarios. The integration logic can be easily modeled with the "drag and drop" facility, thus the corresponding source code being generated automatically. The great advantage of having an ESBs over the use of pure frameworks is therefore the better tooling, as a result which reduces the cost and complexity significantly. In short, the problems related to integration are thus been solved at a higher abstraction level.