SnapLogic, the leader in enterprise cloud integration, and Xinoy Consulting Services, the leading provider of cloud-based spend optimization solutions. SnapLogic is a data integration platform designed to meet all the data integration requirements. The Snaplogic server is mainly built on the core of transformation needs and connectivity that can be used further to solve the most complex data integration scenarios. It can run on any web browser and has offers a productive and efficient enviroment for developing the transformation logic.

SnapLogic helps your business in improving decision making and business agility, while future-proofing our application architecture with a flexible enterprise integration layer. At Xinoy, we are helping our clients to optimize their spending while eliminating tedious processes and increasing IT productivity for synching and transforming data across our 100 percent cloud-based ecosystem.

We offers a complete and an unified suite of cloud applications to our clients that will helps companies to enhance their control and generate savings that go directly to the bottom line. We offers combines procurement, expense management capabilities and accounts payable into a single unified solution which is very easy to implement, fast to configure, cost effective and deploy. Our SnapLogic is a rich connector that allows our clients to integrate large sets of data from other cloud or on-premises applications in order to have easy and accurate determination of the best cost-savings strategies for their companies. It fastly integrates invoice data and supplier with related ERP systems across an enterprise.

Runtime Data Security:

The SnapLogic Integration Cloud is a stateless engine, which does not store in a business- related or runtime data. Only the customer meta data is being stored in the SnapLogic Cloud. It leverage the endpoint security whatever it is connected to, whether it is database, application, file etc. or invoking a HTTPS-based REST, using a secure JDBC connection to a database or SOAP API as part of the integration pipeline.

If the end point supports the encryption of the data, then the Snaplogic can also be configured to receive and send those data. Several account credentials are also being used to access the endpoints from those of the SnapLogic and thus also be encrypted while using the key/public model. Before it leaves the browser, the data is encrypted with a public key and then again it is decrypted with a private key on the Groundplex.

Design Time Infrastructure Security:

The SnapLogic Integration Cloud metadata and log files are being hosted on the (AWS) Amazon Web Service cloud infrastructure which is one of the most flexible, powerful and secure state-of-the-art cloud computing environments which are available today. The SnapLogic is based on 100% Amazon Web Services inherently leverages the security and compliance capabilities of AWS.

Snaplogic - Professional Integration Service:

With the help of SnapLogic’s professional services, we are here to deliver a wide array of services to our customers. Whether you are  preparing to go-live with a custom implementation, production readiness for your cloud and big data integration implementation, or looking for a complete managed service offering, with the support of our certified consultants we are always ready to meet our client's expectations. At Xinoy Conulsting Services, our goal is to ensure that our customers should be able to connect faster and could be able to get maximum value from your data (big and small), enterprise APIs and things (IoT data) and applications (cloud and on-premise). Always remember that investing with a right professional services is the only key component of SnapLogic customer success.