If you are opting for a cloud service of IBM Websphere CastIron, it means that ciding on using services instead of buying hardware and installing software. However, at the time of integration of applications, most of the software vendors provide an integration platform that can do integrate with cloud applications, but the question is, are they really offering to you? Software – that you need to install, and maintain on a timely basis - and you need to supply hardware. But isn’t that what used to be some of the cost drivers you wanted to avoid?

WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration helps many of the companies to get rapidly connect with their hybrid world of private clouds, public clouds and on-premise applications. Now, with Xinoy Technologies, you can enjoy rapid deliver cloud integration projects in days and thus achieve a great return on investment as a service (SaaS) and cloud models.  Leverage reusable process templates and use a “configuration, not coding” approach to solve the entire lifecycle of your cloud integration needs.

How secure is integration in the cloud?

The WebSphere Cast Iron on which the infrastructure runs has been certified to be compliant with SAS-70 Type II as per the stringent audit requirements of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. This audit ensures the following things:

  • Redundancy is provided at several levels including network, power, and storage.
  • Network infrastructure is equipped with mitigation techniques for prevention of unauthorized port-scans, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, IP spoofing, and more.
  • Physical infrastructure is equipped with security and access controls.

Applications which are deployed on-premises can be integrated in a secure manner with the help of a WebSphere Cast Iron Secure Connector. This connector is a light weight piece of software that resides behind the connects databases and the firewall enterprise applications along with the message queues behind the firewall in a secure manner with the cloud.

IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration products enable you to integrate cloud and on-premise applications in days thus helps in reducing the integration costs and optimize the resources and productivity in software as a service (SaaS) and cloud models. It will provide you a graphical configuration approach rather than those of the on-demand tooling, custom coding or traditional middleware to help you integrate applications quickly and simply. They are using pre-configured templates based on the  common integration scenarios to accelerate integration.

WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration products provide several capabilities for near real time integration like those of data synchronization and connectivity, workflow and transformation, data cleansing and migration that helps you to orchestrate integration processes across multiple applications. WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration products also provides support in mobile applications by harnessing process and data from other parts of the enterprise.

Xinoy Consulting Services is an official IBM Advanced Partner and all our consultants are very expert in managing with IBM Cast Iron cloud integration infrastructure in a mission of critical applications. All our consultants are senior IBM Certified Engineers, thus, you can assure to have their skills and knowledge which they need to manage the Cast Iron environment.