Whether you are wading through log files, wrangling click streams, dealing with the social media fire hose, trying to manage protein sequencing, or analyzing transactions to prevent fraud you are used to big data. Cloud computing is a natural fit for big data analytics.

Build Your Cloud - Your Way!

Engineers, Scientists, economists, accountants and traders require a lot of computation to solve complex problems. These activities required expensive high-performance computing (HPC) clusters. Cloud computing can make the whole process very simple and thus reduces the capital expenses while simultaneously increasing the scale of compute. 

We Manage Hadoop and Spark, so you can focus on your business:

Big data applications will help your data and discover critical insights that drive business optimizations. But with large volumes of data, large upfront investments and a shortage of expertise can quickly spiral out of control.

With Cloud Big Data, you can quickly provision a robust environment powered by Hadoop®, Apache™ and Spark that's sized to fit your high-volume data processing needs and your budget. Since it is built on Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), thus you will get an enterprise-grade quality and 100% open technology.


Learn more about Managed Big Data Platform:

Predictable pricing:

Cloud Big Data offers simple pay-per-hour pricing for a wide array of workloads without any hidden charges or long term contracts.

Get started quickly:

Start focusing on developing your application and leave the management details to us. So, spin up an HDP cluster today with no upfront risk or cost.

Advanced Toolset:

Cloud Big Data is based on an industry leading Apache Hadoop distribution and integrates with a mature ecosystem of tools and applications.


Nurture Your Business Towards Connected World With Cloud & Big Data:

Xinoy Consulting Services offers you a portfolio of Cloud & Big Data services which drives innovation. We understand your futuristic vision and objectives to evaluate your existing state of development & operating model, architecture, based on the gap analysis and also help you to implement the best possible cloud based solution for your business development and growth. 

Our Big Data Consulting services focus on defining the strategy, discovering use cases, road map, planning capacity & performance of the solution, deciding the end solution and evaluating product & technologies. We also perform Big Data architecture design & development. Report generation, Data Visualization, Deployment & Performance Tuning and Dashboard creation are served as Big Data Configuration & Deployment services. Even our migration services will also help you to transform your setup in a Big Data compatible environment which as a result help you in performing the analytics and intelligence on your important data.


Our Expertise:

• Big Data Pilots

• Big Data Consulting

• Big Data Configuration & Deployment

• Big Data Design & Development

• Migration to Big Data Platform

• Maintenance & Support

On the daily basis, the enormous amount of data is produced rapidly in different forms like text, image, video, document, etc. Via multiple connected devices such as Traffic monitoring cameras, Sensors, Parking meters, Smart Meters, Wearables etc.   

Organizations continue to store this data in the cloud environments which contains an immensely valuable source of information.  This huge amount of data is Big Data. We are expertise in handling this data – right from its capture, store, and process. Xinoy Consulting Services helps you to maintain this data using our services.  Not only this, we also analyse this data and perform Business Analytics.