Our Vision

Today there is a great need for creating innovative and a renewed business solution that can be able to satisfy all the client requirements effectively and with this vision, with a team of innovative and creative, we are follow a unique development model to resolve any complex issues you might have, and deliver the best end product for your business. Our main focus in each and every stages of the project is to bring down the uncertainty and thus move forward towards the development process while having a clear and accurate sense of business objectives.

Our Vision: Helping Organizations - Transform, Innovate And Implement Technology

Proposal & Foundation:

Planning phase is the first among what we do. Here we work with our team and clients to understand the project vision and purpose and thus will engage in effective conversations with clients to get a clear sense of project expectations. Xinoy Consulting Services really get in to business by creating a framework for the perfect software solution. We stay constantly in touch witrh our clients and the team members to determine the process improvements.

Agile Development:

We engage in Agile Iterations combined with Sprints in a vision to provide you the best solution and also make ensure that your business sees the evolution of software and can be adjusted to the course of action as the software evolves. This also helps us in delivering custom software that as a result really proves to be helpful with better visibility and risk reduction. With a vision to provide our clients the best solution, we conduct meetings with clients in order to manage the visibility and control of the application/software being developed. This will also gives us the scope to include the changes during the development phase itself.

Review And Deployment:

After the development phase gets completed, our next vision is to offer give you the quality assurance. For this we ensure the bug free application/module launce by various testing techniques, that may include manual and as well as automation form depending on the business needs. Before deployment, we review for:

Regression & Integration Testing
Quick Demos for Best User Experience
Unit Testing & System Testing
Data Driven Testing
User Acceptance Testing for the Smooth Launch

With the years of experience for creating and deploying custom software for businesses, still we believe in providing sufficient time before rolling out system to production so that the output will be right for the success of your business.

Support & Maintenance:

Even in support and maintenance, our vision is to provide our clients continued support for our existing and prospective clients for the projects that have been deployed by us as we believe that business solutions do not stop with project completion.  With respect to time, technology evolves and hence we believe that  business process should adapt the changing trends and hence we are there to continuously modify the custom software to suit your business requirements. .