The market for financial management software might be consolidating around a small number of core vendors, but this doesn't mean the evolution of features and services will stall. Financial analysts and IT managers will continue to benefit from new capabilities in the years ahead.

The various incarnations of cloud computing promise a range of potential benefits for financial management software, analysts say. These include the flexibility and the efficiency of virtualized servers in private cloud environments. Besides these, there also comes the simplicity and predictable costs that come with moving financial applications off-site to a public cloud. In either way, the cloud gives enterprises several new options of scalability by enabling them to quickly reduce -- add -- computing power and services as business needs change.

Over the next coming months, Software as a Service (SaaS), is the most simplest cloud option and also easy to implement. A rise in SaaS adoption shows its significant growth and could come as an extension of the way enterprises are using third-party applications to augment the financial management capabilities of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Growth in SaaS-based augmentation of ERP systems won't be without problems, especially for IT departments.

Streamline, simplify and automate your financial operations:

Xinoy Consulting Services is a well recognised for cloud-based financial management software system which is mainly designed to help midsized and small enterprises for boosting their performance and make their finance departments more effective and productive.

Cloud-based means there’s ongoing innovation. We seamlessly and regularly delivers improved features and tools to our customers. Cloud means pay as you go and as you grow. For this reason, in our cloud services all our software upgrades are built in quarterly, thus eliminating the hassle of upgrade disruptions and the need for capital investments that on-premise software requires.

Explore Financial Management built on Salesforce:

Our Cloud-based Financial Management software services include:

·         Accounts Receivable

·         Cash Management

·         Purchasing

·         Business Intelligence (called Insight)

·         General Ledger

·         Accounts Payable

·         Expense Management

·         Order Management

·         Global Consolidations

·         Inventory and lots more..

Automate revenue recognition and forecasting:
Get a complete picture of your organization's revenue with our Cloud Financial Management Software. This will help to automate complex recognition calculations, adhere to ever-evolving revenue recognition standards and eliminate error-prone and time-intensive spreadsheets.

Financial Reporting:
Tools and templates will help you to generate financial statements, thus enabling you to do real-time financial analysis, insightful modeling and actionable analytics.

Make Profitability Everyone’s Business:

·   Link Salesforce objects to your General Ledger.

·   Create a virtually unlimited GL and expose profitability widgets for any object.

·   Surface financial data from any object into any layout.


Xinoy Consulting Services combines the power of the Salesforce Platform with a groundbreaking cloud accounting system design. We provide modern and enterprise-wide solutions while particularly focusing on project orientation, looking at complete and integrated cost control on pending projects.  Various management areas benefit from this solution, as well as individual departments. Whether in the area of project costs controlling, grants management or analysis, project billing and contracts, with this cloud solution you hold all the reins in your hands without losing sight of the overall goal.