Service Cloud In Salesforce – Fast, Quick And Smart Customer Support

Today having a better customer service is really essential to create a benchmark for any business enterprise.With rising customer expectations each and every day, Xinoy Consulting Services are flexibly designed to provide the best personalized service through multi-channel service, increased agent productivity and delivering one-of-a-kind customer experiences. With service cloud in Salesforce, you are guaranteed the best customer service for your valuable customers.


Our Aim - Power Your Business with the Best of the Web

Every organizations should know well in advance, what kind of problems customers are likely to face to ensure optimum level of customer satisfaction. Xinoy Consulting Services provides you all the necessary tools that you need for excellent customer support and services.We understand the importance of positive impact on your business and hence our service cloud provides you the simpler methodologies for efficiently resolving customer issues at a faster pace.


Superior implementation of Service Cloud Solutions:

Our expert consultants will help your company to implement an enhanced customer support solutions that will help you to drive customer satisfaction through many superior features like those of Salesforce Knowledge, Lightning Console, Call Center Management, Live Agent, Wave Analytics, CTI Implementation, Customer Communities and much more...


Besides this, we are also offering some of the assured benefits like those of:

  • Real-time collaboration with customers.

  • Improved agent productivity.

  • Accurate responses to every email.

  • Real-time insight of support metrics.

  • Create brand loyalty.

  • Maintenance of knowledge base for customer self-service.

  • Automated phone support for easily recognizing your customers.

  • Greater integration with back-office applications.

  • Instant agent support through real-time customer interaction over web chat.

  • Understanding the customer preferences through insights.

  • Proactively responding to customers through the customer’s preferred social channel.


Lightening Console – Get A Unified Agent Experience

Lightening console is specifically tailored to maximize the agent's productivity instantly within fingertips. Customers can assure to have faster and superior customer service with the help of subject matter experts, knowledge and customer profiles. During the support, customers need not to introduce themselves since agents has all the information of the customer profile like account information, purchase history etc. The presence of responsive layouts and the dashboard has all the information which is needed for the agents.


Service Wave Analytic App – Harness The Potential Of Wave Analytics

Now, get ready to harness the potential of wave analytics with Service Wave Analytics App which will help you to deliver a new insight that can be converted into action. It is quickly able to identify the problem and offer the right solution while uncovering new trends or service opportunity. It quickly diagnoses the problem and offer the right solutions to the customer while using operation data from CTI, Salesforce and Web Analytics.


CTI Implementation – Simplifying Technology

CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration. This technology will help your agents to attend customer calls without touching a telephone. This will give your agents the flexibility to place calls on hold, route calls to other agents, and transfer the calls easily through CTI implementation. With our CTI implementation services, you can easily contact centers to interact with customers efficiently with a data-driven approach. In every step, we will always try to deliver competitive advantage for your company so that your agents would have a more personalized experience for their customers.