Salesforce CRM Integration - Best Implementation Practice To Enhance Productivity

Salesforce is one of the key players in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) market these days. With its every release, apart from an excellent UI, Salesforce has more functionalities to offer. So, if you are also planning to use Salesforce for your business needs, you are on right track. However, several day-to-day other operations like ETL, CPQ, CMS, HRMS, Accounting, Email services, Marketing Automation, etc may have dependency on other tools. Thus, many applications will work seamlessly just with the proper integration of few mechanism in place. As a result, this would assist in the collaboration of various departments, like whether it is the better data quality, enhanced engagement with customers, real time visibility of information across applications etc.

Mergers and acquisitions bring along valuable data with disparate systems and applications ,to be with the market demand ,we spontaneously fill the void with rapid integration and implementation in a team based environment by developing a optimized strategy ,is one of the prime attributes for success and for having a superior product features & improved time to market, the cross-functional team has to work in a synchronous manner and hence the Salesforce integration comes into existence. It not only helps in achieving synchronization in work, but also provide a competitive edge to your organization.


Advantages of Salesforce Integration:

Salesforce Integration offers immense benefits. Whether it is a CEO or any end user, anyone can have benefit with the implementation of Salesforce integration. Lets have a look at some of its benefits:

  • Streamline Sales Processes: After the integration with CPQ tools like Apttus, the existing Quote-to-Cash process will start working in a smoother manner. In addition, one can also manage pricing and product catalogues effectively to have higher sales rate.
  • Data Accuracy and Visibility : With the implementation of Salesforce, one can avoid duplicate data, which enhances data quality. In addition, across multiple systems, one can also see the real time updates.
  • Engagement with Customers: Whether inviting customers to get training sessions or a quick reply to customer feedback, with Salesforce Integration, one can easily engage with their customers and as a result the customer will also have renewed trust on your expertise.
  • Automation : One can easily load or extract data from Salesforce environment with the automated scripts. This will also help the IT team to work on other priority issues.
  • Higher Usage of Webinars: Webinars are also one of the best marketing efforts where one can expect better ROI. Thus, from the registration/attendance information provided, one can have all the information about the existing or prospective customers and their interests.


How Xinoy Technologies Can Assist You?

We at Xinoy Technologies always believe that key to growth lies in relevant expertise and strategic implementation. With a team of expert consultants ,we offer the best possible customized solutions to cater your needs. We believe in following the best practices and hence over the past many years we are successfully running a host of integrations involving Salesforce and other variety of tools. Right from the implementation to support thereafter, our team is always there to assist till client’s satisfaction level.