Staff Augmentation - The right job at the right place with the right fit is humanly possible.
Staff Augmentation, or better known as subcontracting, is also known as the outsourcing of manpower for a limited period of time on a project completion basis or skill requirement basis. Staffing may be required when there is a requirement of skilled staff, or dynamic requirement of people, or the requirement is for a limited period.

Staff Augmentation Services:

When talented testing resources are scarce and to make a businesses successful, hiring the right candidate can do the right job. The market for highly qualified resources is competitive and thus searching for right candidates having the desire skill set might get tougher. Thus, having a staffing partner will ensure to have quality resources who as a result will also help in increasing the Return On Investments (ROI).

Xinoy Consulting Services staff augmentation services understand the importance of right resources and hence the need of skilled people very well. Xinoy Consulting Services has experienced recruiters who help with IT Staffing needs on critical software testing projects.  Our resource pool includes IT, Banking, Insurance, Automobile, Retail, Logistics, Travel and Hospitality. Our resources will support our clients with end-to-end testing in  Automation, Security, Cloud, Performance, and Mobile Testing.

Why Xinoy Consulting Services for Staff Augmentation:

·         Domain- and skill-specific recruiting.

·         Client-centric model with dedicated teams.

·         Largest minority-owned U.S. IT staffing firm.

·         Global coverage with over 30 locations spanning North America, Europe and APAC.

·         24x7 recruiting engine for speedy turnaround resulting in over 10,000 placements every year

·         Consistently achieving high rate of candidate retention, well above industry standards


Overview of Xinoy Consulting's Strategic Staffing Services:

Xinoy Consulting Services exclusively caters to all your staffing needs. It helps to staff qualified, trained, experienced resources through our On-Demand and On-premise Staffing Services.

On-premise Staffing:

 On-premise staffing refers to a vendor or outsourced services which are provided to the customer at the client location or site. These staffing services are provided to the client site as to help cater & serve flexible options. As an experienced staffing partner, Xinoy Consulting Services has a resource pool of trained staffing professionals. We ensure access, agility, and attention to every customer’s staffing needs.

On-Demand Staffing:

Xinoy Consulting Services offering a flexible approach towards availing business-critical resources as per your demands to meet the challenging project deadlines in a spirited manner. We believe that in comparision to those of maintenance of in-house employees, hiring a dedicated staffing partner will meet all your requirements and will also helps in reducing other costs like fringe benefits, recruitment, training, promotion, infrastructure etc.

Our core service offering staff augmentation services is helping our clients to execute large-scale technology initiatives. We have proven experience in delivering reliable and qualified IT professionals at an unbeatable value. We provide the talent that technology leaders need to ensure  enhancement, smooth system implementation, upgrade and production support initiatives.