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"How Force.Com Platform Has Became A Necessity For Business?".....Well, this is a question across the globe which has now become a common among a majority of the businesses.  This have make people begun to think whether it is the right time to build their business software on This is a cloud based platform on offer by In this article, we will look into the various details of the benefits along with the challenges offered by platform for businesses.

Among several businesses for the cloud-based CRM application, has a deep reputation. However, platform is eventually enhancing its ability to host various types of applications. With the help of App Development, many applications can be created by the developers that will be of great useful in helping the enhanced leveraging of the core functionalities provided by

Some of the most important core functionalities available in are business processes, Chatter, mobile software development kits, workflows, communities and real-time hierarchical reporting etc. For most of the businesses hosting their apps, is increasingly becoming an alternative option as it significantly provide competition to other competitors such as Sugar CRM and many other cloud platforms.

Why choose platform?

There are many benefits and key features which make platform a preferred choice among the entrepreneurs. Among several other benefits, one of the most notable feature is the ability to market its own applications of business in a much rapid way by means of leveraging the functionality. Hence, for most of the start up businesses, can be a perfect investment as this will not only reduce the coding time but also remove many other complexities along with many other expenses associated with the infrastructure.

Today, just because of best-in-class security and certifications provided by, the customers are now willing to share all their relevant and important data. Just because of Salesforce platform, most of the business owners are more confident in partnering with the start-up companies while using platform for enhancing their businesses. and Salesforce CRM platform has become a motivation for most of the business owners and now it is also serving as a good revenue generator for most of the companies who were facing difficulties in marketing their products or services. One can easily enjoy integrated and seamless experience of Salesforce with platform even if the start-up companies or the mid-sized companies.


Well, the main concern which remains with platform is the pricing once the initial contract expires. Even it is just a matter of concern only for the start-up companies especially. Beside this, having lack of control is yet another challenge faced by companies using platform.

Popularity of Platform:

Day by day, the popularity of Platform is enhancing at a rapid rate. Today, there is almost a 100% increase in the number of companies who are opting for platform by The growing popularity of is really  a welcome sign for most of the companies that the risks are much lesser in compared to those of the advantages offered by platform by

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